Congratulations to the children and staff of Corpus Christi on all of their hard work throughout the year to achieve such wonderful results, you should be very proud of yourselves.

KS2 Expected Standards (SATs):

The school achieved:

Subject School National Difference LA Difference
Reading 88% 66% +22%    
Writing 92% 74% +18%    
Maths 84% 70% +14%    
SPAG 88% 72% +16%    
RWM 72% 53% +19%    

*GPS refers to the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling SATs paper.

National Average Scaled Score

Subject School National Average Difference
Reading 105.3 103 +2.3
SPAG 105.2 104 +1.2
Maths 104.1 103 +1.1

Percentage Achieving the Higher Standard

Subject Percentage
Reading 28%
Writing 24%
Maths 16%
RWM 12%

Progress from KS1 to end of KS2

A schools progress scores in English Reading, Writing and Maths are calculated as the average of its pupils subject progress scores. These scores give an indication of whether, as a group, pupils in the school made above or below average progress in a subject compared with pupils with similar starting points in other schools. The National Average is 0 so anything below zero is below the National Average and anything above is above the National Average.

Progress Scores for Reading (with 0 being the expected). -0.7
Progress Scores for Writing (with 0 being the expected). +0.3
Progress Scores for Maths (with 0 being the expected). -1.8

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