Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Corpus Christi

At Corpus Christi, we are one family. As part of our family time, we enjoy worshiping together everyday. This might be as a class or all together as a whole school community. Sometimes we worship in class, sometimes in the hall or at church and sometimes we celebrate God's love outside in the fresh air. 

Collective Worship is carried out in four parts:

  1. Gather - when we all join together to start out worship, maybe with a song, prayer or special saying.
  2. Listen - this is when we listen to the word of God and think about the messages He is sending to us.
  3. Repsond - here we spend time reflecting, praying and offering something back to God in return. We might say, think or make something extra special to offer to God. 
  4. Go Forth - making our promises to make a change for the better in our lives or the lives of others, using what God has taught us today.

If you would like any more information about Collective Worship at Corpus Christi, please contact Miss Mowatt.

Our Collective Worship Newsletter, to help you share the Good News at home as a family, can be downloaded as a PDF below. 

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