Year 6

In 2020, the arrival of COVID19 and the importance of keeping our children, staff and families safe has meant that new safety procedures and protocols have had to be designed and put in place. This includes the creation of a remote learning approach, which can be used in the event of a bubble closure (due to a positive case in school) or in the event of further (local or national) partial school closures.

In the event that your child has to work from home, due to isolation or the partial closure of school, all learning will be uploaded to Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed by your child’s individual, secure password. If you have any issues logging on or accessing Teams, please contact your child’s class teacher. Teams can be accessed by downloading the Microsoft Teams app or through your web browser:

The resources for each session will be uploaded daily, including a teaching video, an activity and any resources the teacher feels may be useful. A daily Maths and English session will be provided as well as sessions and activities for other subjects.

We will not be offering live lessons during any home learning time. We understand that every family’s circumstances are different and that home learning will look different in each household. For example, a family with two siblings, both home learning, may only have one laptop between them. This would mean that one child would be missing out on learning opportunities. All teaching sessions will be pre-recorded, meaning that they can watched and completed at a time more suitable to your family.

In the instance of a partial school closure, staff will be in school supporting the children who cannot be educated at home, with the same sessions being done by those remote learning. This means that they may not be available for an instant response to any questions or issues you may have. If you need any help or further support, please e-mail the class teacher and they will respond as soon as they are able to. This may not be until the end of the school day and we will ask for patience in this matter.

From September 2020, any lessons set for home learning are compulsory and must be completed as they would if the children were in school. Teachers will check and feedback on the work returned and families who have not completed work will be contacted to ensure there are no problems and to offer support were needed.

Home learning will only be used in the instance that we need to keep your children safe, and they will be safer at home than in school. We will do our best to support you through a possibly difficult time and will work with you to ensure your child receives the best learning opportunities we can whilst they are at home. These circumstances will be a challenging time for all of us and we ask for your patience and support as we work for the best outcome for all.

Below you will find the Remote Learning Plan, with details of the offer from Corpus Christi during home learning, as well as extra activity pack to supplement the Teams sessions, age appropriate to your child. 


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