Reading at Corpus Christi

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Reading at Corpus Christi

Through our Mission Statement, Together we DREAM, Together we Learn, we aim to develop reading for all children:

To help them to DISCOVER new worlds and new information.

To foster an attitude of RESPECT towards books, readers and the worlds and knowledge they can inspire.

To encourage ENTHUSIASM for reading, both for learning and for enjoyment.

To ASPIRE to better ourselves through reading, gathering knowledge and developing our creative skill and imaginative processes.

To show children that reading can MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of all people and at all ages and stages of life.



At the centre of learning at Corpus Christi, we aim to create a life-long love of reading and books. It is our belief that every child should be able to access a range of texts, at a high standard, and find joy in reading for pleasure. We firmly believe that reading feeds children’s imagination and opens up a world of wonder, imagination and opportunity for curious young minds. We also believe that every child should be given the tools to develop into an enthusiastic and confident reader both at home and at school. We utilise reading to improve language and vocabulary, to inspire creativity and to give everyone an opportunity to develop and foster new interests.

Every child is taught a range of strategies to support their development to become a confident, independent reader. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, Phonics is taught on a daily basis. Children are taught using the Read, Write, Inc programme, which enables them to blend, segment and decode words. Once the children have learnt how to read, they can then learn to comprehend and understand the text they are reading. Children are encouraged to use these strategies independently to understand, enjoy and learn from a range of texts. Through this they will become fluent, expressive readers with the stamina to enjoy challenging texts. Our whole class guided reading sessions help to truly embed the key skills for successful reading and comprehension from for those who have moved beyond the Read Write Inc programme, all the way up to Year 6.

VIPERS questions are used to support children in developing their comprehension skills and understanding of a variety of texts, once their phonics knowledge is secure. We continue to practise phonics skills for all children, learning new words and developing their vocabulary, encouraging blending techniques and Fred Talk, as well as searching for context, to help them to read unfamiliar words.

Weekly Book Study sessions allow children to apply their skills to books, chosen to provide high quality reading opportunities and a wide variety of fiction genres and author styles, whilst practising their VIPERS comprehension skills. Reading opportunities are in place in all classes across all subject areas, supporting children to empathise with characters, share opinions and debate topics.

For more information about reading at different stages of our children's Reading journey at Corpus Christi, please select the appropriate page from the list below.

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