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Foreign Language Curriculum


Discover new vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language.

Respect that differences in language does not have to be a barrier to being a global community and that differences can be used and worked through.

Enthusiasm for the Spanish language, through reading, writing, speaking and listening within different topics and contexts. 

Aspire to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish, listening, understanding and responding appropriately and confidently.

Make a difference to our global community by learning to communicate with others and break down barriers to being one world, one people.


At Corpus Christi, the National Curriculum Key Stage 2 Foreign Language Curriculum is taught using Language Angels, ensuring we have a challenging, engaging and progressive DREAM curriculum for Foreign Languages.

Our chosen language is Spanish, but our DREAM curriculum promotes an open and positive attitude towards all foreign languages and cultures, as well as encouraging the children to achieve their own potential in speaking, listening, reading and writing Spanish. We do this be harnessing the children's interesets through a range of different topics. 

The planning is progressive and provides the children with weekly opportunities to explore the Spanish language using a range of different activities. The children are introduced to Spanish grammar and how it is constructed through songs, games, interactive resources, quizzes and paper-based activities. Throughout Key Stage 2, the children gainn the necessary knowledge to begin to speak and write in Spanish, so that by the end of Year 6 they have a solid foundation, ready for Secondary school. 

Each year group teaches six units each year, covering conversational Spanish, including colours, dates and places.

The Early Language units (taught throughout Year 3) provide children with an introduction to the language, with core vocabulary and pronunciations. In Years 4 and 5, the children progress through the Intermediate units, which add challenge so that they have a basic foreign language knowledge that they can build on as they head into Year 6. In Year 6, the children access the Progressive Units, which provide conversational skills, listening and responding with confidence and some fluency. 

You can find a copy of our Foreign Language Handbook below. The handbooks contain information about our long term plans and progression. 

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