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English Curriculum

Discover new worlds, facts, skills, experiences and information through phonetic understanding and creative writing. 

Respect the written word and the doors it can open on their journey through Literacy and Language.

Enthusiasm for reading, writing, speaking and listening, deepening knowledge, understanding.

Aspire to read and write high quality texts across a range of genres and topics, both in school and beyond, as their knowledge grows. 

Make a difference, in your life and the life of others, through Literacy and Language, in big ways and small ways. 



At Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, we believe that literacy and communication are key skills in all areas of life. Through the National Curriculum and our DREAM English Curriculum, we will provide opportubities for them to develop the knowledge, skills and applications to allow them to communicate effectively and creatively, using spoken and written language to equip them with the skills to become life long learners. 

English language is at the heart of all children's learning. Language and literacy alloes children to communicate effectively with others, for a range of purposes and audiences. It also allows them to examine experiences, emotions and ideas, exploring order and meaning. These opportunities are essential to children developing their intellectual, emotional and social development and are central to our DREAM curriculum, helping us to provide coherent and progressive teaching and learning.

At Corpus Christi we use pre-phonics activities followed by the Read, Write, Inc programme (RWI) to get children off to a strong start with their reading and writing. RWI is a programme centred around letters and sounds. For more information, please visit our Early Reading Webpage.

From direct phonics teaching in EYFS and Key Stage 1, to the VIPERS questioning strands and lexically staged texts in Key Stage 2, our children are provided with a range of successful blending, decoding and spelling strategies which can be independently applied across the curriculum. 

Writing is taught using The Write Stuff programme, but adapted to a workshop style approach. Our children are exposed to high quality, engaging texts across a range of genres of narrative, non-fiction and poetry. They work together to dissect and discuss the features and language, recognising key examples and interesting style choices of the focussed genre.

We offer structured and modelled teaching to give children full understanding of part of their writing, before asking the children to apply their knowledge and skills in independent writing.

We work har to allow the children to develop a fluent, legible handwriting style, alongside editing and drafting skills. 

Visit other areas of our English page to find out more.

You can also find copies of our English Subject Policies and Handbooks below. The handbooks contain information about our long term plans and progression. 

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