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History Curriculum


Discover stories, knowledge and information about people, places and events from the past, learning about the impact those decisions and instances still have on our lives today. 

Respect the difficulties and struggles of people from the past, the changes they made to create our present and how we can follow and Respect their example to ensure a brighter future. 

Enthusiasm for History, with a love of story-telling, engaging and exciting lessons and interest in historical fact, evidence, sources and lines of enquiry.

Aspire to pursue knowledge of the past, by working hard to ask and answer important questions and become greater people because of what has been before. 

Make a difference to our futures and the futures of everyone around us, by taking lessons from the past and applying them to our decisions and choices about events today.  


The History DREAM Curriculum at Corpus Christi follows the National Curriculum and uses Primary Connected History as a vehicle to drive teaching and learning.Year 3 museum.jpgOur enquiry based learning approach provides a modern, relevant and challenging history curricuum, that makes meaningful and rigorous links to other subjects. 

Each year group carries out three enquiries across different eras and with different contexts. These are based on an overarching enquiry question, that the children will build on throughout the topic, ensuring each unit of work is progressive and the children understand how each piece of work or discussion builds on the last and is part of the overall picture of the past. 

Within each enquiry question, the topics are not broken into weekly lessons, but into smaller ancillary questions, providing support and organisation to the primary question. The Corpus Christi DREAM Curriculum uses these questions to give the children the opportunity to explore a variety or evidence and sources, to hold in depth discussions and debates, to gather new knowledge and historical facts, and to learn, practise and develop enquiry and historical skills. 

Nursery Poppy.jpgEach History lesson begins with a set of Flashback 4 questions, which allows the children a chance to recap knowledge from previous lessons and topics and allows teachers the opportunity to recap vital knowledge that is needed to be built upon for the lesson.

As part of the DREAM Curriculum offer for History, we use timelines to help the children understand where their current topic fits in with their understanding of History and topics they have previously been taught. Where appropriate, teachers give context to the unit, by connecting it either in time or using historical enquiry, to topics, eras of History or historical knowledge the children have previously covered. This helps to build a progressive teaching and learning experience. 

You can find copies of our History Handbook below. The handbook contains information about our long term plans and progression. 


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