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Art and Design Curriculum


Discover new techniques, materials and work by famous artists, designers and craft makers, to enhance and enrich our own work. 

Respect each other, the equipment and resources used within Art and Design, and to Respect the skills of other Artists and Designers, both famous and our peers, when offering criticism and feedback.

Enthusiasm and excitement, developing knowledge and understanding in their Art and Design work, undertaking new challenges. 

Aspire to high standards, both in school and beyomd, applying our ideas to our Art and Design work, seeking ideas from people around us, famous artists local and worldwide to inspire our own creativity.

Make a difference to ourselves, each other and the outside, in big and small way, encouraging all to think how we can help in class, in school, at home, in the wider community and across the globe.


At Corpus Christi, Art and Design is an integral part of the curriculum 


and is developed in conjunction with other subject areas to increase children's self-confidence, knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. Through the National Curriculum objectives, we provide opportunities for children to communicate through visual art using a variety of media to produce finished pieces they and we can be proud of. 

Our Art and Design DREAM curriculum uses an approach created through the support of our Key Thinkers Network of schools. It allows the children to explore and create through drawing, sketching, painting, printing, collage, modelling, textiles and sculpture.

Each unit of work is based on the work of an artist. The children are given the opportunity to research, dissect and discuss the artist, their lives and their works, identifying key features, exploring new knowledge and forming opinions. 

Once the children have a sound knowledge of artwork, they begin to learn, develop and hone some of the skills needed in their area of design. This is done progressively, by building up the key skills each week and giving the children time to practise and produce each lesson.

Our Art books are made from high quality paper, allowing the children to use resources necessary, straight on to the page, building up a progressive journey to their final piece. Each lesson, a double page allows the children to have one half to practise a new skill and sharpen their techniques, before producing a finished piece of art that they can be proud of. These sketch books are a journey of the children's artistic experiences through each unit and medium.  

outdoor sketching.jpg

We teach Art and Design with an attitude of no judgement and with a belief that 'mistakes' can be celebrated, learned from and used. We teach our children the belief that creative potential in inside everyone and can be found an inspired everywhere. 

Visiting artists bring their expertise and experience to stimulate interest and class teaching is further enhanced through visits to theatres, concerts, galleries and exhibitions, to enhance cultural awareness, observation and skills. 

We want our children to gain experience of materials and techniques, teamwork and autonomy, and an understanding of artists, artworks and artforms in different contexts. 

You can find a copy of our Art and Design Handbook below. The handbooks contain information about our long term plans and progression. 

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