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Geography Curriculum


Discover new places, different cultures and the beauty that this world can offer us through exploration and investigation. 

Respect the beauty and power of the geographical features, extreme weathers and natural resources the earth can display, searching for ways to take care of it and keep safe.

Enthusiasm for Geography, through exciting lessons, engaging teaching and a wide variety of multimedia and pratical resources to help engage minds and spark curiosity about Planet Earth.

Aspire to be more aware about the world and of its features, resources and opportunities, looking for ways to treat out planet better and have a deeper understanding of what it can offer. 

Make a difference to the planet and the people who live on it, currently and future generations, protecting its beauty, usings its power and preserving its resources. 


At Corpus Christi, the Geography DREAM Curriculum uses Primary Connected Geography to teach the National Curriculum Objectives for Geography. It uses enquiry based learning that involves our children in making sense of new information and constructing geographical knowledge.  Year 2 Globe.jpg

Carrying out three enquiries a year, each enquiry has a main enquiry question. Within this enquiry, the topic is taught and explored through a set of ancillary questions that develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of the topic, through discussion, investigation and examination of evidence and sources. Each unit of enquiry is progressive both within the unit itself and across the units as a whole curriculum. 

The Corpus Christi Geography DREAM Curriculum gives the children chance to hyphothesise, classify information, compare and contrast areas and analyse findings, placing exploration and discovery at the heart of our approach.


Geography lessons include Flashback 4 questions at the beginning, which assesses the children's previous knowledge from within the topic and from previous knowledge, checking starting points and ensuring progression and success, embedding knowledge into the long term memory, to be used across the topics. 

As part of the DREAM Curriculum offer for Geography, we use maps and technology to help  the children build a solid picture of the world around them. We recognise the importance of fieldwork and giving the children the opportunity to work with multimedia and resources to cement understanding and develop an appreciation for the planet.

You can find copies of our Geography Handbook below. The handbook contains information about our long term plans and progression. 



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