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Music Curriculum


Discover new musical genres that inspire them creatively and emotionally. 

Respect other cultures and their musical offerings, encouraging diversity, broadening experiences and celebrating differences.

Enthusiasm for music, bringing practical experiences and opportunities to support listening and appraisal of exciting and engaging music across all genres. 

Aspire to high standards in musical performances and abilities, developing skills, knowledge and understanding through a progressive curriculum.

Make a difference using music, to themselves, each other and outside, in big and small ways, growing an understanding of how music can positively affect the mental health and wellbeing of all. 

Music at Corpus Christi is taught from Nursery to Year 6, following the National Curriculum and inspired by our DREAM curriculum offer.

To provide this curriculum offer, we use the Charanga scheme of work. This is supplemented in Years 3 and 4 by the St Helens Music Service, who teach clarinet instrumental lessons within the Charanga scheme. The children will be introduced to a wide range of musical experiences at Corpus Christi, across four main areas of learning: listening and appraising, singing, composing, and performing.


Throughout their time at Corpus Christi the children will have the chance to learn to play using pitched and unpitched musical instruments. When possible, these instruments can be taken home to give the children the opportunity to continue their learning beyond the classroom.

The children at Corpus Christi take part in a number of performances throughout the year in both their own class groups and the wider school, such as Collective Worship, assemblies and Christmas productions.

The school engages with the St Helens Music Service, taking part in activities such as musical festivals, concerts and specialist teaching for gifted and talented instrumental children.

You can find a copy of our Music Handbook below. The handbooks contain information about our long term plans and progression. 

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