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Computing Curriculum


Discover new technologies and medias, using logic, coding and research skills to find out how Computing can help us to be innovative and more systematic. 

Respect the internet as a valuable tool for learning, communicating and networking, whilst staying safe.

Enthusiasm for the different tools, media and resources connected to Computing and how they can be used today and in the future, in school, at home and in our future professions. 

Aspire to use Computing tools to their full potential, and develop our creativity and innovation with programmings, multimedia and technology.

Make a difference to the global community by using Computing to communicate with each other, help those in needs and keep ourselves and others safe. 


The study of Computing at Corpus Christi follows the National Curriculum. Our DREAM curriculum offer uses Twinkl PlanIt Computing and eAware to teach the Computing objectives.

The children are able to use their logical skills to develop their knowledge and understanding in the areas of e-safety,  programming, multimedia, technology and data handling. 




Our DREAM curriculum progressively teaches practical skills, providing opportunities for children to use their computing skills in appropriate and interesting scenarios, using software such as Scratch, Flowol, SketchUp and Word Processing packages. 


We are fotunate to have a full bank of 20 iPads, a bank of laptops and a computer suite to develop and utilise children's computing skills. 

Computing is taught weekly and has five topics for each year group, covering different types of software and skills, developing understanding across each key stage, to ensure progress is made and skills are being used and expanded on. 

Online Safety is a vital part of our DREAM curriculum. 

Year 3 iPads.jfif

Every year group covers a topic on online safety and being e-aware, covering topics from secure passwords to sharing information and data protection and copywrite. eAware supports pupils to develop their understanding of online safety. As an online platform, it constantly updates and refreshes to meet current needs and trends in e-safety to ensure our children have an up to date knowledge of the dangers of online use and strategies to keep themselves and others safe.

This is paired with our PSHE topics, which include a Digital Wellbeing unit, to support children in their mental health and wellbeing, to stay safe online. 


You can find a copy of our Computing Handbook below. The handbooks contain information about our long term plans and progression. 

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