Year 5 Come and See

This term in Come and See we will be learning about Pentecost.

Our topic, called 'Transformation', is all about the energy we feel and use in the world and the energy the Holy Spirit brings to us. 

Fruits of the spirit.jpg

We will explore the fruits of the Holy Spirit and think about how we can use them to make our world a better place. 


We will also be talking about Freedom and Responsibility.

We will be learning about the gift that God has given us, to make our own choices and follow our own path, but understand that this comes with consequences and responsibilities. 

Ten commandments.jpg

We will be learning about the Ten Commandments and the New Commandment Jesus gave to us, to love one another. 


Our final topic of the year will be all about God's beautiful creation. 

Our Stewardship topic will help us to understand how and why we should look after God's wonderful gift. 


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