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We aim to Discover:

·       That there are no boundaries or limits to our learning;

·       The answers to the questions we ask;

·       That life is a mystery;

·       More about who I am, why I am here and where I am going;

·       More about life, faith, myself and the global community;

·       About the world in which I live.

·       A way to live our life by embracing the Christian and British Values.


·       Being interested in individuals for what they are, rather than what they do;

·       Encouraging pupils to be adventurous;

·       Strong communication between staff and children, and between the children themselves;

·       Developing an atmosphere of ‘no fear’ discussion;

·       Encouraging independent learning;

·       Providing a challenging and stimulating environment;

·       Providing opportunities to ask difficult or unanswerable questions;

·       Helping people and communities in real need;

·       Challenging ourselves, finding fluency, using reasoning and searching for answers with a greater depth



We aim to Respect:

·       Each other, listening to other’s opinions and knowing their view may differ from their own;

·       Acknowledging each other’s faiths and beliefs and cultures;

·       Others by treating people like you would like to be treated.


·       Leading by example;

·       Being a good role model, showing politeness and excellent manners throughout school life;

·       Using restorative justice as a means of moving forward with mutual respect;

·       Through opportunities provided by Collective Worship, RE curriculum and PHSE curriculum;

·       Being willing to forgive and follow Jesus’ example of mercy;

·       Doing all we can to treat all living things in the environment sensitively;

·       Creating an atmosphere where it is safe to be different and safe to make mistakes;

·       Recycling/outdoor classrooms/outdoor spaces, all part of looking after the whole school environment, equipment and surroundings, looking after other peoples belongings;

·       Providing opportunities which promote positive, independent decision making;

·       Encouraging every child to take responsibility for their learning and their behaviour;

·       Welcoming all people to our community and embracing other people’s differences;

·       Promoting a healthy lifestyle through the PE, Science and PSHE Curriculum.


We aim to be Enthusiastic:

·       Trying our best and enjoying all we do in school;

·       Playing an active role in the school, parish and global community;


·       Providing encouragement;

·       Providing an exciting and enriching curriculum;

·       Using exciting and stimulating resources;

·       Living out the Gospel Values in all things;

·       Demonstrating the importance of British Values in all areas of our life;

·       Setting goals and working towards them;

·       Planning so that everyone can contribute and feel valued;

·       Capturing and incorporating all children’s interests;

·       Providing opportunities where children grow in confidence;

·       Bringing a valuable contribution to the community with a smile;

·       Make the most of the gifts and talents God has given us ;

·       Enjoy school and aim high in all things.


We Aspire to:

·       Be like Jesus;

·       Grow in faith;

·       Live in love;

·       Be the best I can;

·       Be friendly and helpful to all;

·       Share the values found in the Gospel;

·       Provide children with the opportunity to ‘dream big’ and aim for worthy goals;


·       Always aim high;

·       Rewarding positive behaviour;

·       Encouraging positive relationships;

·       Accepting and forgiving each other;

·       Embrace others choices and way of living;

·       Listening to others and encouraging more;

·       Being more compassionate;

·       Raising money for charities;

·       Organising community events;

·       Doing the little things well;

·       Believing in ourselves;

·       Have career goals that are high and find a successful path to get there;

·       Keep the Gospel Values at the centre of everything we do;

·       Live and share the British Values in all our dreams;

·       Dream big and achieve excellence in everything.

Make a Difference

We aim to Make a Difference:

·       So that every child can reach their full potential;

·       So that every member of the school community feels valued;

·       Enriching the lives of those in our school, the local and wider community;


·       Providing training for all stakeholders;

·       Providing ‘Outstanding’ teaching and learning opportunities;

·       Providing a varied and enriching curriculum to meet each individual’s needs;

·       Regular monitoring and addressing difficulties;

·       Providing an exciting and engaging curriculum;

·       Developing an understanding and knowledge of God;

·       Involving the wider community and appreciating its diversity;

·       Extending links to groups/schools in our community;

·       Utilising the strengths of the school community to enhance learning;

·       Monitoring and supporting difficulties, offering challenges;

·       Living out the British Values;

·       Using the Gospel Values to help us have an impact on this world;

·       Embracing our relationship with God.