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A Typical Day

Each day is different at Rainford Community Nursery but a typical day at may look something like this:-

  • Arrive at 9am
  • Find peg and hang coat up
  • Self-registration with name card
  • Choose activity e.g. painting, play dough, iPad, sand/water play………
  • Carpet time which may include daily calendar, hello/welcome songs, news time, Letters and Sounds input
  • Adult focussed activities plus child initiated tasks
  • Snack time – wash hands, children help to prepare healthy snack, help to share out snack/offer snack  their friends, drink milk/water and chat to their friends
  • Toilet time
  • Adult focused activities plus child initiated tasks
  • Key worker groups – all children have their own key worker, during this time children talk, share and learn in  small groups with a member of staff
  • Tidy up time
  • Story/songs/sharing
  • Get ready to go home, stay for lunch/Wraparound Care