Year 5 Maths

We have been working really hard on our fractions, decimals and percentages so far in Year 5, and this term we are carrying that on by learning how to calculate with decimals. 

Place value counters.png

Our next topics are Properties of ShapePosition and DirectionConverting Units of Measure and Volume.


Every Maths lesson in Year 5 starts with our Flashback4 questions, where we answer four questions to help us to be fluent in things we have already learned and to make sure we practise them.

We have a Reasoning question, when we share and talk with our partners to help us to use what we know to work out something we don't know yet. 

We then learn a new skill in our Maths lessons and then have chance to apply our new skill to lots of different types of questions.

We practise formal methods, solve word problems, look for odd ones out, match up similar ideas and look for similarities and changes. Through all of these questions we use lots of Mathematical vocabulary and learn by using resources to help us, looking at images and pictures to help us to understand and applying what we have seen to more formal methods.  


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