English and Science


During this term, we will close read ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio, exploring the language, character, setting and plot, and will use these as a stimulus for our own writing.  In non-fiction, we will be analysing the language and structure of formal speeches and biographies, and we will use what we have learnt to write our own; to help us with this we will be reading a selection of the Little People, Big Dreams books to learn about inspiriational people throughout history.



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The Heart and Health

Through this unit we will explore  the circulatory system and health for children and adolescents. It will take learners on a journey through the body, helping them understand how blood travels through our bodies and the effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs, but also thinking about how we can be pro-active and stay healthy by keeping a balanced diet. Within this unit, the children will create an anti-smoking campaign, measure heart rates and create a model of the heart. 


In this unit, we will explore key light phenomena, centred around transparencies, lenses and coloured light. We will compare materials of different transparencies and explore how light travels through them; and we will investigate how a ray of light travels and how shadows are formed. The children will learn how water behaves like a lens and they will investigate light colour mixing.



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