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Our topics this term are:

History - Early Islamic Civilisation

Our history topic this term is Early Islam. The children will learn about significant events from the history of the early Islamic civilisation and its culture.  They will learn about the significance of geometric patterns and create or design their own geometric pattern.

Art - Plants and Flowers

The art topic this term is 'Plants and Flowers'.  The children will explore the work of India Flint, Alexander Calder, David Oliveira and Henri Rousseau; they will learn about their lives, the inspiration behind their work and use images of their work to inspire their own.

Geography - Rainforests

In geography, the children will take a look at the mysteries of tropical rainforests.  From the layers of the forest and its animal inhabitants, to the unique climate found in the tropics.  They will compare a British forest with the Amazon rainforest, and begin to explore some of the conservation issues surrounding the destruction of rainforest habitats.

Design & Technology - Felt Phone Cases

In D&T the children will be researching, designing and making felt mobile phone cases.  They will design their products with the user in mind, thinking about aesthetics and functionality.  Annotated designs will be used to communicate ideas as well as step by step plans.  The children will learn how to sew a running stitch, backstitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch!