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During the first term we will focus on the following aspects of mathematics:

Place value and rounding – extending knowledge to reach 10 million

Mental and written addition and subtraction of large numbers – revising strategies for adding and subtracting increasingly large numbers mentally.

Multiples, factors and prime numbers – revising times tables; number sequencing; finding factors and identifying prime numbers.

Written methods for multiplication and division – revising and developing methods for simple multiplication and division mentally and using long methods.

Circles and angles – drawing circles accurately, revising and introducing new key vocabulary.

Units of Measure – converting units and reading scales.

The second half term’s focus will be:

Comparing and ordering fractions – changing mixed numbers and comparing and ordering fractions using the lowest common denominator.

Multiplying and dividing decimal numbers – by 10, 100 and 1000.

Order of operations – BIDMAS

2D and 3D shapes – identifying, comparing, classifying and examining 2D and 3D shapes.

Pie charts – interpreting and constructing pie charts.

Year 6 PE

Our PE topics this term are; 

Gymnastics – matching and mirroring

The children will use a variety of spatial relationships when working with a partner and compose an individual sequence comprising travel, jump, roll and balance.



PE Kit: outdoor kit with navy blue jogging bottoms/shorts, white T-shirt, socks and trainers.

PE kit will remain in school and sent home at the end of term.


Reading - sent home on Mondayand is to be returned on Friday.

English Maths and Science -sent home on Friday and is due back on Wednesday.

Spelling and arithmetic tests on Friday