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Autumn in Year 5

This term is a very exciting one. Look below for some of the topics we will be looking at.


We will be reading the story Letters from the Lighthouse, about two children who were evacuated to Devon during World War II. We will use this story to help us write poem, instructions and explore characters and settings. 

This term is going to be all about improving our writing, thinking about ways we can make it better each time we read it by including better words, more information and all of the right punctuation.


We are starting the term with lots of Place Value work before moving on to improve our multiplication skills. This means more times tables tests, so get practising! You can practise them over breakfast, in the car, in your head when you're swimming, before you go to bed and even in the bath. Practise makes perfect!


We will also be looking at addition and subtraction, statistics and area and perimeter. 


This half term we are looking at coastlines, weathering and erosion. We will be finding out how coastlines are made, what it is like to live near the coast and how coastlines have changed over the years and will change in the future. 

Design and Technology

This half term we are going to be making kites!

We will be finding out about the history of kites, different designs and shapes and the materials that are the best to use.

Keep your fingers crossed for a blustery day, because when we have made our own we will be trying to fly them!