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Autumn Term 1

Welcome back.  This term our focus will be on 'Autumn' and 'Traditional Tales'.  Our role play area has changed into a house, and later on in the term the Three Bears will be visiting.  We will be reading a variety of Goldilocks  stories and other Traditional tales.  If you have any traditional stories at home it would be great if the children could bring them into Nursery to share with the rest of the class.

We will also be learning the daily routines of our Nursery, recognising our names, counting to ten, having Key Worker Group time and learning where resources go so we can help at tidy up time.  We will be making lots of new friends, so time will be spent learning each others names.  We will learn how to be good friends, share resources and why taking turns is important.  We will have access to resources both inside and outside the classroom.  We will sometimes work with the Reception children too.